Beijing Zoo and Aquarium

Beijing, China

Spread over an area of 89 hectares, the Beijing Zoo and Aquarium is the most enjoyable tourist attraction for kids as well as adults. It has 14,500 animals divided into 950 species, which is the largest collection in China. Some of the Chinese animals here are the red panda, golden snub-nosed monkeys, white-lipped deer, crested ibis, South China tigers, Pere David’s deer, alligators, and giant salamander. Endangered species like the snow leopard, Siberian tiger, Tibetan gazelle, yaks, kiang, and horses can also be seen. The zoo also has creatures from other nations like elephants, whales, bats, leopards, chimpanzees, Asian bears, flamingos, cranes, gorillas, hippos, turtles, zebras, lions, kangaroos, rhinos, etc.

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