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Shizhong Shan Grottoes (Shibao Shan Grottoes)

Shaxi, China

Located at a 20-minute drive from the Shaxi town in the Yunnan Province of China are the amazing Shizhong Shan Grottoes (Shibao Shan Grottoes) which are a major tourist attraction. These grottoes are very ancient and some of the best examples of Buddhist heritage in the region. The grottoes are mainly divided into three tourist sites – the Shizhong Temple (Stone Bell Temple), the Shizi Guan (Lion Pass), and the Shadeng Village. There are 17 grottoes that have 139 Buddhist statues which are considered the most artistic stone carvings in the region. These sites are surrounded by oddly-shaped rocks and boulders that resemble animals, human beings, flowers, bells, umbrellas, etc.

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