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Changshu Travel Guide

Jiangsu Province | Population: 1,510,103

Changshu is a county-level city which falls under the administration of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. Lying on the Yangtze River Delta, the city is blessed with some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery. The city is surrounded by picturesque mountains full of natural and manmade tourist attractions. From amusement parks and landscaped gardens to national forest parks, and from scenic areas with modern amenities to ancient temples in forest lands; there is every kind of tourist spot in and around the city of Changshu. It is a reasonably modern urban area with good tourist facilities and hospitality services.


ushan Mountain National Forest Park - Nestled among lush greenery is a charming landscaped garden in this forest park. Buses are available for tourists to reach the top of the mountain where the park is located. The park consists of simple and serene surroundings without the razzmatazz of city life or crowded amusement parks. This site is great for a relaxing day amidst trees and water bodies.

Shajiabang Scenic Area – This tourist attraction is different from the usual wild wetland parks in China. It has been developed into a well-organized and properly managed tourist spot with all the usual amenities like refreshment areas and restrooms so that visitors can spend an entire day and enjoy the sights of flora and fauna that are found in abundance.

Shanghu Lake Park – This is a huge lake and the banks are connected by a large bridge across the surface of the water. The walkways around the lake are dotted with thick greenery, flowering bushes, garden ornaments, etc. that lend a classic Chinese appearance to this tourist attraction. One can find a lot of people walking leisurely around the lake and enjoying the fresh air and serenity of the place.

Other tourist attractions in and around the city of Changshu include the Fangta Tower Park, Yushan Park, Zengs' Garden, Yan Garden, Zhao Garden, Yushan Hill, Tongguan Hill, Fushan Hill, Xishan Hill, Dianshan Hill, Xingfu Temple, Yanzi's Tomb, and Zhongyong's Tomb.

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