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Cixi Travel Guide

Zhejiang Province | Population: 1,462,383

Cixi is a small city in the Zhejiang Province of China. It is known more for its massage parlors and spas rather than tourist attractions, whether ancient or modern. There are no less than 25 massage centers, pool lounges, bars, coffee shops, teahouses, and multi-cuisine restaurants. Although small in size, Cixi City is affluent and the hotel lounges are constantly booked for private parties. It is the perfect destination for tourists who love to party wherever they travel in the world. The most popular activity for the locals, domestic tourists, and overseas visitors are the numerous Karaoke TV bars that are spread all over the city. Beer is the drink of the town and hardly anyone drinks whiskey. Cixi is great for a night’s halt while traveling between to major cities of the Zhejiang Province.


Liang Shanbo Temple (Butterfly Temple) – This tourist attraction is located in the Shaojiadu Village near Cixi City. It follows the typical layout of Chinese gardens with southern China architecture of buildings, pavilions, mansions, terraces, etc. It has typical landscaped gardens that are beautifully designed with lush greenery, intricately carved bridges, water bodies, and flowering bushes everywhere. This temple is not a place of worship. It is dedicated to Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo and their undying love for each other. In the rear hall of the mansion is the couple’s tomb. The site has a superb statue of the couple in a sitting position. The statue of Zhu has a phoenix-shaped coronet, while the statue of Liang is dressed in an embroidered cape. The young couples of Zhejiang Province pray at the temple for eternal love and harmony.

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