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Huangshi Travel Guide

Hubei Province | Population: 764,571

Located in the southeastern part of Hubei Province, China is the charming city of Huangshi. It is sandwiched between the mighty Yangtze River in the north while it connects with the Jiangxi Province in the southeast. Being the birthplace of the bronze industry in China the city has been a prosperous industrial and commercial hub since ancient times. The history of Huangshi dates back to ancient Chu State which was established in the 8th century BCE. Due to its rich natural resources and scenic areas, the region has been a well-developed urban area and a popular tourist spot, even if it is for a day’s visit.


Huangshi National Mine Park – This is a 4A national scenic spot which is located on the Tai Mountain. It is the first national mine park of China. Mining is still carried out underground but on the surface, it has been converted into a tourist attraction. Large mining equipment is laid out in a nice arrangement. The mining shafts look like layers similar to the seating in amphitheaters. A gigantic statue of Mao Tse Tung takes center-stage in the spectacular scenery.

Xisai Mountain Scenic Area – In ancient times, Xisai Mountain was a battlefield where more than a hundred battles were fought. So there are many ancient relics that showcase the history of Huangshi City and its people. The scenery is fascinating and adds to the appeal of the mountain as a tourist attraction. Taohua Gudong (Peach blossom Ancient Cave), Longku Temple, and Beiwang Pavilion are some of the highlights of this scenic area.

Cihu Lake – Spread over a large area of 3.9 square kilometers, the Cihu Lake is even larger than the famous West Lake of China. The term “ci” means magnet. The lake gets its name because magnetic materials have been found in abundance around the lake. The crystal clear waters of the lake are teeming with fishes of different varieties. There are a charming landscaped garden and a stele forest which has inscriptions by famous writers both from China and abroad. Small islets are dotted all over the lake and they are covered with beautiful greenery. Some of the best tourist spots in the scenic area are the Yiqu Garden, Chengyue Islet, Yequ Garden, and Hangzhou Road.

Other notable tourist attractions in and around Huangshi City are the Stone Head of Dragon Relics (Paleolithic site), Dong Fang Shan Buddhist temple, Xisaishan, Qingshanhu, Tuan Cheng Shan Park, etc.

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