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Jiangmen Travel Guide

Guangdong Province | Population: 1,822,640

Proximity to a UNESCO World Heritage Site has plummeted Jiangmen City into the limelight since 2007. The city is located in the Guangdong Province of China and is the easiest access point for the heritage site of Kaiping Diaolou and Villages. Being near the Pearl River Delta as added to the natural scenic beauty of the city. It is very close to Hong Kong and Macau across the South China Sea. In fact, most tourists visit Jiangmen City along with Macau and Hong Kong during the same vacation.


Kaiping Diaolou and Villages – This set of tourist attractions is located in the Kaiping district of Jiangmen City. In the year 2007, this site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ever since the city has become a popular tourist destination in China. The first ethnic villages date back to the 14th century and the first Diaolou were constructed in the 16th century. A Diaolou is a fortress-like multi-storied structure that resembles a tower. It has a unique architecture which uses Chinese, Islamic, Baroque, Romanesque, and Rococo designs and ornamentation in its construction.

Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park – This national park near Jiangmen City is spread over a vast area of 5,510 hectares. It not only has an unmatched natural beauty but also has a very rich variety of trees, rare plants, and exotic flowering bushes. It is also a home for many species of flora and fauna. Some of the rare creatures that have made their home in this park are the wild boars, civet cats, palm civet, squirrels, pangolins, thrushes, golden pheasant, canaries, egrets, magpies and various types of butterflies. Besides the rich ecosystem, the tourist attractions in the park include the Yutai Temple, Palm Art Garden, Jade Lake, and a 380-year-old great banyan tree that is spread over an area of about 2.5 acres. In fact, the three is so large that it is almost like a forest on its own and most of the birds have their nests here.

Liyuan Garden – This tourist attraction is a wonderful combination of traditional Chinese gardens and modern western-style architecture. It was the private garden of Xie Weili, an overseas expat and is considered a beautiful example of modern-Chinese gardens. It is often referred to as the “pearl among gardens” due to its beautiful landscaping. Another unique feature of the garden is the presence of deep and wide canals that flow around the buildings and seem to weave the natural landscape with the manmade structures into one attractive whole! The most popular tourist spots in the garden are the Villa Zone, the Little Garden, and the Grand Garden.

Enping County Hot Springs – Located near Jiangmen City is the Enping County Hot Springs scenic area. This area is not only picturesque but is also well-known for the medicinal benefits of the hot spring waters. The most popular sites in this scenic area are the Jinjiang Hot Spring Paradise, Didu Hot Spring, Mount Dayan, Li Garden, etc.

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