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Jiangyin Travel Guide

Jiangsu Province | Population: 1,594,829

Jiangyin is a port city in the Jiangsu Province of China. Historically, the city has been an important trade and transport hub due to its strategic location on the southern banks of Yangtze River. Traditionally farmers since ancient times, today, the people of Jiangyin City have used innovative methods for continuing their agricultural profession and have turned it into one of the wealthiest places in China. Despite rapid urbanization in recent years, there are vast farming lands around the city that add to the scenic beauty of the place. With prosperity, there is been a sharp improvement in the tourist-related facilities like hotels, multi-cuisine restaurants, amusement parks, cultural activities, impeccable transport services, and more.


Huaxicun Village - This is the perfect example of how a simple farming village can turn into one of the most prosperous and wealthy places in the region. With an integrated effort on the part of the local farmers, the agriculture in the region is so advanced that the farmers now own large estates and spacious mansions. The average asset value of the locals is believed to be about 1 million RMB Yuan. Groups of villagers entertain tourists with songs and dances in the evenings in the main square. This is a colorful and interesting sight that should not be missed.

Erbizui Park - This tourist attraction is a simple park from the point of view of landscaping. But being on the banks of the Jiangyin Changjiang River the park has wonderful vistas and quaint ancient Buddhist temples in its premises.

The Jiangyin Suspension Bridge – This Bridge is an awesome sight and is often compared with the Golden Gate Bridge. It connects Jiangyin City with Jingjiang City across the mighty Yangtze River. The span of the bridge is 1385 meters in length and it is the second largest suspension bridge in the world. The scene around the bridge is magnificent, especially in the evenings. There are several roadside cafes and teahouses along the banks where locals, domestic tourists, and overseas visitors can spend a pleasant evening.

Jiangyin Zhongshan Park - This is a huge park and one can find people of all ages enjoying the greenery and colorful flowering plants. There are countless walking paths, a lake, a sand pit, a rockery, birds, a children's park with rides, and more. One will also find groups of senior citizens indulging in Tai Chi or just strolling along the paths enjoying the fresh air and serenity of the park.

The peaceful Huangshanhu Lake Park and the historical Garrison Commander Headquarters are other tourist attractions in Jiangyin City that are worth visiting.

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