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Nantong Travel Guide

Jiangsu Province | Population: 2,273,326

Nantong City is a major urban area in the Jiangsu Province of China. The fact that the city is a crucial port on the mouth of the Yangtze River has endowed it with prosperity and urbanization as well as picturesque landscapes. Nantong City is one of the major stops on the famous Yangtze River Cruises so that tourists can visit the numerous tourist attractions around the city. Although it is surrounded by only two scenic areas, these two sites have countless attractions, both natural and manmade. Despite modernization, the locals have preserved their local customs and traditions which is evident in the lovely Buddhist temples in the region.


Hao River Scenic Area – The Hao River passes through the center of Nantong City making the landscape lush and beautiful. In fact, the Hao River is a well-preserved moat that gives the city a naturally healthy environment. Along the banks of the river are several religious and historical sites that add to the beauty of the scenic area. The most popular tourist attractions are the Tianning Temple, Nantong Museum, North Pole Pavilion, and Wenfeng Tower. The night cruise on the river is a breathtaking sight and is a very popular tourist activity.

Langshan Scenic Area – This tourist attraction consists of five hills, Langshan (Wolf Hill), Junshan, Huangnishan, Jianshan, and Ma'anshan. The Wolf Hill is the highlight of this scenic area at a height of more than 106 meters above sea level. The hill got its name not only because the summit is shaped like a wolf but also because the locals believe that it is the abode of wolves. This area consists of many streams and ponds that make the region green and beautiful. Langshan also has several ancient relics that are worth a visit. They include 43 ancient buildings, 13 caves, 23 stone inscriptions, etc.

Getting There

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Nantong Xingdong Airport

In the Jiangsu province, Nantong Xingdong International Airport caters to the needs of Nantong’s population. It has 2 terminals and good amenities. 18 kms from the middle of town, by taxi it takes 30 minutes, while public bus takes 2 hours to reach downtown from airport. Shenzhen and Donghai Airlines give the most destination options and the most flights are to Shenzhen (46/ week). International journeys are mainly to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea.

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