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Pizhou Travel Guide

Jiangsu Province | Population: 1,458,036

With a combination of marshy wetlands and tall mountains, the geography around Pizhou City is very attractive for tourists. Pizhou is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou City in Jiangsu Province, China. It falls on the route to other bigger cities in the province and more famous tourist attractions. But this small semi-urban area also has its fair share of beautiful tourist attractions. Tourists usually make a stop for a couple of days to see the sights around Pizhou before proceeding to other tourist destination of Jiangsu Province.


Qianlong Temporary Palace – This tourist attraction near Pizhou City was built for Qianlong Emperor, one of the three powerful lords of the Qing Dynasty. He was famous for his love of Gangnam-style architecture. The palace lies on the banks of Lake Kurama. Hence, it is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery full of greenery, water bodies, and flowers, besides the landscaped gardens. The palace and its grounds have a peaceful and serene aura that is very pleasing.

Longwang Temple Temporary Palace – This tourist attraction consists of an entire mini-city. The city beings with the Longwang Temple and ends in the Chen Family’s Courtyard. The temple is one of the key national-level ancient cultural relics protected by the state. A walk around this mini-city will give one a glimpse of the ancient world that existed during the Qing Dynasty era. Nothing much has changed here!

King Xiang Hometown – This tourist attraction consists of the Suqian Lake surrounded by green landscapes and ancient mansions all along the perimeter. Some of the houses have been converted into star-rated hotels and are very popular with overseas tourists because of the fascinating vistas and rooms with views.

Other tourist attractions in and around the city of Pizhou include the Zhang Mountain Scenic Area, the Yaowan Ancient Town, and the Luoma Lake Wetland Scenic Area which is a scenic spot and a recreational center (including BBQ).

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