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Shantou Travel Guide

Guangdong Province | Population: 5,346,708

Shantou City comes under the Special Economic Zone in the Guangdong Province of China. Hence, it is a beautiful city with a well-planned infrastructure and architecture. Its lengthy coastline, warm sea waters, subtropical climate, beaches, islands, mountains, all-terrain sports activities, etc. makes it a coveted tourist destination in China.

Over the years, the residents of Shantou City have made judicious use of the local resources for converting it into a booming tourist spot. From ancient temples to ultra-modern nightlife, and from bungee jumping to scuba diving, the city offers tourists plenty to do and enjoy. Shantou has always been very popular with domestic tourists but in recent years, there has been a major influx of overseas tourist seeking unusual options in eastern tropical vacations that do not cost a bomb! The mouth-watering seafood specialties add to the city’s appeal as a tourist haven.


Citic Gold Resort – This is located in the Haojiang District, an elite part of Shantou City. This is an eco-friendly resort with unending rolling greens which are a treat for golfers. Besides golf, the resort offers tourists many other activities like sand-beach karting, fishing, diving, sand sculpting, rowing, boating, volleyball, football, bungee jumping, swimming, BBQ parties, nightclubs, sauna and spa, and numerous entertainment options for kids.

Lotus Peak – The Mountain gets its name because it has a unique shape. The gigantic moor stones on the peak are shaped like lotus petals. When one sees the mountain from the sea, it looks like a beautiful lotus which is in full bloom. The beach alongside the mountain is a popular tourist spot where one can try out delicious local snacks like beef balls, baked oyster and lobster with lettuce. In fact, Lotus Peak is the venue for the Chaoshan Gourmet Festival which is celebrated annually in the month of November.

Zhongshan Park – In the midst of the modern city of Shantou is this beautiful park that attracts locals as well as domestic and overseas tourists. Families with kids love to visit this park because it provides various recreational and entertainment facilities like a cinema theater, swimming pool, an amusement park with many rides, and a spectacular exhibition of chrysanthemums.

Another tourist attraction in Shantou City worth a visit is the Chen Cihong's Former Residence. It has magnificent ornately-designed pavilions, verandas, gardens, and more. On the premises are the Chaozhou Opera Hall (folk art), the Puppet Hall, Chaozhou Snacks House and Old Kitchen, and Chaozhou Gongfu Tea House. While in the city one cannot miss visiting the Nan Ao Island with its Dieshiyan Old Temple, Guandi Temple, and the County Museum of Cultural Relics and Historic Sites. Other beautiful sites in and around Shantou City include the Qing Ao Bay and the Queshi Scenic Spot.

Getting There

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Jieyang Chaoshan Airport

Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport is meant to serve the triad of Jieyang (20kms apart and takes 30 minutes by car), Shantou (37kms covered in 50 minutes. Check-in possible from remote terminal in Shantou Railway station) and Chaozhou (20kms away, reach in 40 minutes) cities. All three have bus connections to the airport as well. There are frequent flights to Changsha, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and international flights go to destinations like Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.

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