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Taizhou Travel Guide

Zhejiang Province | Population: 1,902,500

The city of Taizhou is located on the coastline of the East China Sea in the Zhejiang Province, China. With a long history of 5,000 years, the city has a large number of ancient cultural relics. The greenery and scenic beauty that surrounds Taizhou City had inspired Dufu, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty era into extolling the beauty of the islands, warm sea waters, and beautiful white clouds. Hence, the city is a mix of modern amenities for tourists, ancient temples, hills covered with dense forests, beaches with clean sands and crystal clear waters. It is little wonder that the city of Taizhou has grown into a bustling tourist hotspot.


Jiangnan Great Wall – This section of the Great Wall was built during the ancient Jin, Sui, and Tang Dynasties. The scenery around the wall is beautiful with mountains, forests, and the Lin River flowing alongside. The wall is actually connected to the Linhai district of Taizhou City. At the watchtowers, there are stalls where visitors can buy refreshments. About halfway up the wall, there is a Taoist temple which as a 1000-years-old camphor tree in its complex. The wall provides a wonderful panoramic view of the greenery and the cityscape of Taizhou.

Tiantai Mountain – Well-known for its spectacular scenery and Buddhist and Taoist cultural relics, this tourist attraction is a must-see in Taizhou City. In fact, it a major religious center for the Tiantai Sect of Chinese Buddhists which originated from Japan and Korea. It is also an important center for the southern sect of Taoists. This area has 13 scenic spots, some of which are Tianhu Scenic Area, Guoqing Temple, Chicheng Mountain, Shiliang Waterfall, Longchuan Gorge, Huading Peak, Qiongtai Valley, Former residence of Ji Gong, etc.

Shenxianju Scenic Area: This is a tourist attraction that seems to have come out of picture books! Its pristine mountain peaks, unusual rock formations, cascading waterfalls, steep slopes covered with dense forests, and pools are a naturalist’s treasure-trove. Among the 80 scenic spots in this area, some of the significant attractions include the Sleeping Beauty Mountain, General Rock, South Bridge, Tadpole Rock, and Guanyin Mountain.

Other tourist attractions in and around Taizhou City include the Taozhu Provincial Scenic Area, Fangshan-Nansong Mountain Scenic Area, Changyu Dongtian Scenic Area, Shitang Fishing Village, Dalu Island, Dachen Island, Shepan Island, Sea World, Wu Zixiong Glass Art Exhibition Hall, Yuhuan Agricultural Sightseeing Garden, and Shaddock Orchard.

Getting There

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Taizhou Luqiao Airport

Taizhou Luqiao Airport (formerly called Huangyuan Luqiao Airport) is a double-purpose military and public use airstrip. It is 20 kms from downtown Taizhou and by car, that is 30 minutes of travelling. Public bus takes an hour and 50 minutes for the trip. A new airport is being planned but in the meanwhile carriers such as China Eastern, Suparna and Shenzhen provide regular flights to Guangzhou, Guiyang, Zhuhai, Jinan, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Wuhan and Beijing.

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