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Tengzhou Travel Guide

Shandong Province | Population: 1,603,700

Tengzhou is a small county-city located in the Zaozhuang City limits, Shandong Province, China. During the Spring and Autumn Periods of ancient China, the city was the State of Teng, a feudal vassal of the imperialists. The city has a wide range of tourist attractions which include sites of historical value, recreational facilities, nature parks, adventure-sports activities sites, and more. Although the city is not very large compared to other metropolitan cities of China, it has a lot to offer tourists in the form of entertainment and hospitality services.


Tengzhou Weishanhu Wetland Honghe Tourism Scenic Area – This Wetland Scenic Area is located on the Weishan Lake near Tengzhou City and is a 4A national scenic spot. The scenic area covers an area of 90 square kilometers and is one of the largest wetlands in China, second only to the Yancheng Wetlands. The banks of Weishan Lake stretch for 55Kms and are a rich source of biodiversity. Almost 1/15th of the area surrounding the lake consists of wild red-colored lotuses which are a spectacular sight. There are also bulrushes and other plants growing in abundance around the scenic area. The lakeside also has several recreational facilities so that tourists can not only enjoy the picturesque scenery but can also spend a pleasurable day at the site. The experience at the Honghe Wetland is a combination of an amusement park and ecotourism.

The city of Tengzhou is not too far from other tourist attractions of the Shandong Province like the Jining Dongda Temple, Taierzhuang War Memorial (Zaozhuang Shi), Yanmiao South Gate (Jinning), etc.

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