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Weifang Travel Guide

Shandong Province | Population: 1,521,600

Being the venue of the annual International Kite Festival, the city of Weifang in Shandong Province, China has always been on the world map. The festival starts in the third week of April each year during the spring season. The city of Weifang sees a huge influx of domestic and overseas tourists at this time of the year to witness the colorful and wonderful kite festival when the skies are filled with thousands of kites of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Other reasons why Weifang is a popular tourist destination in China is the fact that the city is surrounded by irresistibly beautiful forests, waterfalls, mountain peaks, aesthetically landscaped gardens, ancient religious relics, and more.


Mount Yi Scenic Area – Originally known as the East Mount Tai area, this mountain is located in the Linqu County of Weifang City. It has an elevation of 1,032 meters above sea level and is considered the tallest peak among what are called the “29 astonishing peaks of China”. Besides the breathtaking panoramic views, this tourist spot consists of countless cascades of waterfalls that have a drop of 100s of meters, dense forests, and the beautiful Dongzhen Stone Stele forest.

Shihu Garden – This 19th-century tourist attraction is the main part of Shihu Ancient Building Complex. It was a private garden owned by Ding Shanbao, a wealthy landlord who lived during the Qing Dynasty reign. It consists of waterfalls, pools, bridges, unusually shaped rockeries, besides buildings and pavilions full of exquisite calligraphy and paintings.

Yunmen Mountain (Cloud Gate Mountain) – This is a scenic area that is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty. Amidst the lush greenery, one will find several temples built during ancient times that have a deep religious significance for both Buddhists and Taoists. The inscriptions and grottoes dotted along the cliffs are definitely worth a visit too.

Weifang World Museum – This is probably the largest kite museum in the world. It has a vast collection of some of the most delicate and artistically designed kites from different parts of the world. The collection includes some of the most ancient kites to the highly modern varieties. Other exhibits in the museum include different types of materials and pieces of paper that are used in making kites. The Yangjiabu Folk Grand Viewing Garden is another place where one can get a glimpse of the beautiful art of making kites as well as the typical Chinese wooden handicrafts.

Old Dragon Lake and Mount Yi Scenic Area – This tourist attraction is a bonanza of spectacular scenery that is a delight for naturalists, photographers, and tourists. The lake and mountain area consists of picturesque water bodies, countless small bridges, and ancient buildings ensconced among dense forests and gigantic old bamboos trees. Among the stone bridges, the most beautiful ones are the Xuehua Bridge and the Cloud Bridge.

Getting There

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Weifang Airport

In the Shandong province of China, Weifang Airport is built on the outskirts of Weifang city and has a distance of 11 kms from the center of the urban complex. It is a basic airport with dated facilities. However, transport to town is available via taxi and public bus taking 25 minutes and 1.5 hours, respectively. Air linkage is supported by GX, Hainan, Loong and SF Airlines to stations like Hangzhou, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc.

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