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Wenling Travel Guide

Zhejiang Province | Population: 1,366,800

Wenling is a county-level city within the municipality of Taizhou in the southeastern part of Zhejiang Province, China. It lies on the coastline of the East China Sea and is endowed with some of the cleanest beaches in the country. Wenling City is a popular seaside resort for domestic tourists but it has yet to come on the world map as a good tourist destination in China despite its scenic beauty and spectacular sunrises. In fact, its unspoiled look and quaint villages add to the old-world charm of Wenling City.


The Changyu Stone Cave Scenic Area – This scenic area located near Wenling City is full of picturesque spots and a delight for people of all ages, especially photographers. The stone cave spot consists of the Moon Viewing Platform, Stone Park, Shuiyun Cave, Panlong Pool, Cave Concert Hall, Kwan-yin Sculptures Area, Guanxi Cave, and the Panda Hall where two healthy pandas live peacefully in their natural habitat without interference.

Shitang Ancient Town – Known as the “first land where the sun rises”, Shitang town lies on the easternmost part of China, facing the East China Sea. It is a wonderful place for a day’s visit from Wenling City. The clean beaches, crystal-clear warm sea waters, scrumptious seafood freshly caught and cooked by the locals, etc. draw tourists to this quaint ancient town. The town lies about an hour’s bus ride from Wenling and most tourists take the early morning bus to capture the breathtaking view of the panoramic sunrise. If one keeps a couple of hours extra time, one can take a pleasurable boat ride to the nearby Sansuan Village which has a charming museum of astronomical artifacts. Strangely, the village also has a few churches besides Buddhist monasteries.

Donghui Park – For a relaxing day in the outdoors, the Donghui Park in Wenling City is the perfect place. The park has an unhurried atmosphere and one can see children playing, families out on a picnic, and groups of people either dancing or practicing Tai Chi. There are vendors selling local snacks and tea. There is also a magnificent pavilion from where one can get a wonderful panoramic view of the whole park. This is an awesome sight during the day as well as a night when the park is ablaze with a display of colorful lights.

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