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Wenzhou Travel Guide

Zhejiang Province | Population: 6,642,594

Wenzhou City is located on the south-eastern coast of the Zhejiang Province of China. Being a busy port and trading zone since ancient times the city is a booming industrial area and an international trade center. Wenzhou City is endowed with a spectacular UNESCO World Geopark in its vicinity. The region surrounding the city is rich in flora and fauna, some of which belong to the endangered species. With breathtaking cascades, dense greenery, modern amenities, progressive population, and rich ethnic culture, Wenzhou City is a haven for tourists.

The population is a superb mix of modern and progressive people and an ancient culture that is represented by beautiful ancient villages. The city is well-known for encouraging local arts and crafts. Hence, the Wenzhou Museum has a vast collection of exquisite ethnic art.


Yandang Mountain Scenic Area – This scenic area near Wenzhou City is a bonanza of breathtaking natural scenery. Having a vast area of 450 square kilometers, the scenic area was declared a World Geo-Park by UNESCO. The entire park is a real treat for naturalists, photographers, and tourist. Some of the best spots are the Big Dragon Waterfall, Spiritual Peaks, and Spiritual Rocks.

Baizhangji Waterfall & Flying Cloud Lake Scenic Area – This region competes with the Yandang Mountain region in its fascinating natural surroundings. There are countless lakes and natural waterfalls that look almost magical in their pristine beauty.

Wuyanling National Nature Reserve – One of the many things that makes this tourist attraction so special is the jet black color of the rocks found in the countless streams. The ecosystem in this scenic area is abundant in protected plant species, and faunae like reptiles, animals, birds, and more than 1,000 varieties of insects. One might even get a glimpse of endangered animals like leopards, yellow-bellied tragopan, stump-tailed monkeys, or clouded leopards.

Jiangxinyu Island - This Island is situated in the middle reaches of the Oujiang River near Wenzhou City. Its natural scenery of unmatched beauty and various historical and cultural sites is superb. No wonder locals refer to the island as Penglai which means “abode of the immortals”. The highlights of the island are the ancient exquisitely designed Jiangxin Temple, the 1000-year-old banyan trees, 800-year-old camphor trees, and a vast variety of priceless bonsai trees.

Nanxi River Scenic Area – With the Nanxi River as the focal point, this scenic area has 800 natural scenic spots. This tourist attraction in abundant in fascinating rock formations, spectacular waterfalls, lakes teeming with fish, and more. The quaintly attractive ethnic villages give the region a picture-like quality that inspires artists, poets, and authors. The area is divided into seven scenic sections.

Getting There

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Wenzhou Longwan International Airport

Located in Zhejiang, China, Wenzhou Longwan International Airport was formerly called Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport. It has dedicated terminals for domestic (opened in June 2018) and international flights. Options of getting to downtown Wenzhou, which is 20kms away, include taxi (RMB70-120; 30 minutes), Airport shuttle (RMB15; 35 minutes) and City bus (RMB2-6). There is a lot of local traffic from here and limited routes to airports in Asia maintained by major carriers including one to Italy.

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