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Yingkou Travel Guide

Liaoning Province | Population: 738,128

Yingkou City is located between the cities of Shenyang (provincial capital) and Dalian in the coastal economic zone of Liaoning Province, China. Being on the estuary formed by the Liaohe River on the Bohai Sea, the city has a beautiful natural landscape and plenty of greenery. Being the locale of a busy waterway, the city has grown into a slick urban area and some of the wealthiest business people of China live in the Yingkou. Besides scenic areas, the city also has plenty of recreational facilities, amusement parks, marine sports facilities, and other forms of entertainment for the affluent locals, domestic travelers, and overseas tourists. With so much to offer, it is little wonder that Yingkou has become a popular tourist destination not only in China but also in northeast Asia.


Yueya Bay and Basha Bay – These twin bays have clean sands and crystal clear sea waters. The temperature of the water is not too cold, so swimming is a comfortable experience. Marine sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, windsurfing, underwater gliding, etc. are popular tourist activities in the bay waters. There are holiday resorts on the beaches so that tourists can stay nearby.

Lengyan Pagoda – This tourist attraction is old but was opened to the public only in the year 1197. It is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the northeastern parts of China. Not only is the architecture of the temple beautiful and ornate but whatever is inside the temple is also exquisite. This includes the various Buddhist statues, wall murals, and other religious artifacts. The Pagoda is still a place of worship and not just an ancient relic. It is located within the perimeter of the Lengyan City Park. One can find children playing, youngsters dancing, and people of all ages practicing Kung Fu or Tai Chi. The landscape is green and the atmosphere calming. In the spring season, the park holds a fair (fete) when they put up stalls selling souvenirs, local snacks, and other handmade items.

Xiongyue Tianmu Hot Spring Resort - This resort is the perfect place to relax after a hectic bout of sightseeing. The highest temperature of the water is about 80 degrees Celsius and is very comfortable considering the coolness of the surroundings. The spa treatments are fine, rooms are clean and well-maintained, and the food is good.

Other tourist attractions in and around the city of Yingkou are the Xianrendao Forest Park, Water Fairyland, Qinglong Mountain, Buyun Mountain, Wang'ershan Hill, etc.

Getting There

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Yingkou Lanqi Airport

Towards the northeast of China, in Liaoning, Yingkou Lanqi Airport gives residents of Yingkou access to faster transport. It is a small airport that began operations in February 2016. Links are available to Harbin, Xiamen, Shanghai, Xi’an, Weifang, Jining, Shijiazhuang, Beijing and Changsha. Participating airlines are Air Chang’an, China Eastern, Donghai, Hainan and Sichuan Airlines. The 20 kms to town can be covered by car in 30 minutes and by bus No.240 in 2 hours.

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