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Xuzhou Metro

<p><strong>Xuzhou Metro</strong></p>
<p>The&nbsp;Xuzhou Metro is a mass&nbsp;rapid transit in&nbsp;the city of Xuzhou,&nbsp;Jiangsu&nbsp;Province,&nbsp;China that is currently under construction. Below are some important details about the network.</p>
<p>To be announced.</p>
<p><strong>Operating hours</strong></p>
<p>To be announced.</p>
<p><strong>How/where to buy tickets</strong></p>
<p>To be announced.</p>
<p><strong>Future Connections to Train Stations and Airports</strong></p>
<p><strong>Line 1:</strong><em>&nbsp;It has 23 stations that connect </em>Hanwang New Town to Anran District.</p>
<p><strong>Line 2: It</strong><em><strong>&nbsp;</strong></em><em>has 26 stations that connect Xintaizihe to Damiao</em></p>
<p><strong>Line 3:</strong><em>&nbsp;It has 22 stations that connect </em>Houpantao Village to Yinshan Bus Depot</p>
<p>Line 4: It has 27 stations that connect Longzhuangcun to Zhujiang Road.</p>
<p>Line 5: It has 27 stations that connect Xukuangcheng to Shiqiaocun.</p>
<p>Line 6: It has 27 stations that connect Wangxinzhuang to Zhangji Light Industrial Park.</p>
<p>Line 7: It has 21 stations that connect Hangoucun to Fengzhuangcun.</p>
<p>Line S1: It has 5 stations that connect Damiao to Pan&rsquo;an Lake.</p>
<p>Line S2: It has 9 stations that connect Xincheng District East to Helou.</p>
<p>Line S3: It has 3 stations that connect Anran District to Xuzhuang Town.</p>
<p>Line S4: It has 10 stations that connect South Jinshan Road to Liuxin Town.</p>
<p>Line S5: It has 2 stations that connect Longzhuangcun to Maocun Town.</p>
<p>Line S6: It has 2 stations that connect Hanwang New Town to Xiaoxian County.</p>
<p><strong>Major tourist landmarks of the city near stations</strong></p>
<p>Line 1: Cultural Palace and People&rsquo;s Square</p>
<p>Line 3: Science and Technology Plaza and Innovation Park</p>
<p>Line 6: Xuzhou University of Technology</p>
<p>Line 7: Olympic Sports Centre</p>
<p><strong>Other major stations of note</strong></p>
<p>-Xuzhou Railway Station</p>
<p>-Xuzhou Bus Station</p>
<p>-Tongshan Bus Station</p>
<p><strong>Future development plans</strong></p>
<p>Since Xuzhou Metro is still under construction, their priority is to finish all metro lines first.</p>
<p><strong>Other interesting/useful info</strong></p>
<p>Line 1 will open on October 2019. Lines 2 and 3 will be operational on 2020. Lines 4 and 5 will open on 2023 and the rest is to be confirmed.</p>


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