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Orchid Pavilion (Lan Ting)

Shaoxing, China

Also called Lan Pavilion or Lan Ting, the Orchid Pavilion is situated in Shaoxing, China. It was the residence of Wang Xizhi, a famous calligrapher during the Jin Dynasty. The property is so large that it has hillocks, woods, bamboo plantations, flowering bushes, meandering streams, and other bounties of nature surrounding the main palace. The main building itself is beautiful in its simplicity, but the landscaped pavilions are exquisite in their formation. The garden has nooks called the Goose pool, Lanting Tablet, Faces Places, and the Wang Right-Army Temple. Of these, the Lanting Tablet pavilion is the most famous one in China. The Chinese Calligraphy Festival of 3rd March is hosted here each year.

Orchid Pavilion (Lan Ting)

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