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Dinghu Shan (Dinghu Mountains)

Zhaoqing, China

The scenic area of the Dinghu Shan (Dinghu Mountains) lies in the Dayunwu Mountain Range, Guangdong Province, China. Its unparalleled ecosystem and natural beauty have made it a research zone for the UNESCO’s Natural Biosphere project. This sub-tropical region is divided into three scenic zones, namely the Tianxi-Qingyun Scenic area, Tianhu-Dinghu Lake scenic area, and the Yunxi-Laoding Scenic area. The mountain has massive ancient trees, gigantic waterfalls, and dense primeval forests. It is the natural habitat of many rare species like the silver pheasant, serows, leopards, pythons, and many other faunae. Other attractions include the Baoding Park, Flying Waterpool, and the Qingyun Buddhist temple.

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