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Changde Travel Guide

Hunan Province | Population: 1,458,536

Changde City is located in the northern regions of Hunan Province, China. It is not too far from the spectacular West Dongting Lake. It is also in close proximity with Zhangjiajie City which has a UNESCO site that was the inspiration for the sets of the Hollywood film “Avatar”. Changde City is often referred to as the “peach blossom city” because of the utopic Taohuayuan or Peach Blossom Park which is a natural forest area full of peach blossom trees. The city also boasts of other scenic areas and ancient relics, making it a popular tourist destination in Hunan Province.


Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Park) – This tourist attraction located near Changde City has been described by writers and poets as Utopia because of its indescribable natural beauty. The peach blossoms are in full bloom in the month of April when it is the spring season. This tourist attraction comes alive with the mild pink color of the flowers. Artists have also immortalized the park during the Jin, Tang, and Song Dynasties through their paintings.

Shimen County Scenic Area – This tourist attraction is not too far from the city of Changde. It is a pleasant mix of elegantly landscaped gardens, natural beauty, and aesthetically designed manmade structures. The site has numerous attractive tourist spots. The Xiashan Temple located on the banks of the Lishui River that flows through the scenic area a popular site. It is well-known as a Buddhist cultural center. It is also famous for promoting the tea culture of the province and has several teahouses where tourists can try out the local brews. The Huping Mountain towers over the scenic area like a sentinel and adds to the beauty of the region. Other picturesque sites in this area include the Mengquan Lake and Longwang (Dragon King) Cave.

Bin Lake Park – This is a typical city park that combines a beautiful natural landscape with recreational facilities. One can find people of all ages enjoying the serene scenery or the different carnival rides or games. For those who prefer less strenuous activities, there are countless paths just right for walking at a leisurely pace.

The Poem Wall – Stretched over many kilometers, the Poem Wall follows the northern bank of the Lishui River. Countless verses are written in Chinese on the wall. Although one may not understand the beauty of the poetry, the site looks like a wonderful graffiti wall. The day view is as spectacular as the night view when multicolored lights come on in the riverside park.

Buxingjie (Walking Street) – This is a pedestrian street in Changde City that is a haven for compulsive shoppers. It is also a place where tourists visit without fail to try out the local food in the roadside cafes and teahouses. The street is lined with shops where fashionable apparel and souvenirs are available.

Getting There

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Chengde Puning Airport

Opened in May 2017, Chengde Puning Airport is in the Hebei Province of China. At 19.5 km, it is not far from Chengde city. However, due to the mountainous terrain, it takes almost an hour to navigate to the airport by car. The popular routes are Shijiazhuang, Xi’an and Dalian although airlines do cater to Guangzhou and Shanghai as well. Hebei Airlines, Spring Airlines, Hainan Airlines and China Express Airlines are carriers servicing this airport.

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