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Fuyang Travel Guide

Anhui Province | Population: 1,796,947

Located in the northwest of the Anhui Province of China is the charming city of Fuyang. Being in close proximity to the picturesque Huaihe River, this well-developed urban area is surrounded by beautiful green natural landscapes and parks. The city was a booming trading and economic hub during the Qing Dynasty and there are several historical and cultural relics around the city that showcase the prosperity of the region. Even today, Fuyang City’s commercial, tourism, and hospitality sectors are well-honed so that every visitor feels welcome.


Wenfeng Pagoda – Built in the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty, this 31-meters tall pagoda is a beautiful brick structure. The architecture of the pagoda is very unique because it based on geomantic calculations (Earth-based) which conform to Feng Shui. According to history, the literature and educational status of the region. In order to inspire literati around Fuyang, during the Qing Dynasty the Wenfeng Pagoda Feng Shui Tower was built. Of course, this tourist attraction was built after the Ming Dynasty’s Kuixing Tower (Chengde City, Hebei Province) which was constructed in the 16th century.
The West Lake of Yingzhou – Just 15Kms from Fuyang City is a splendid scenic area called the West Lake of Yingzhou. This is a bonanza of natural scenic spots, stele forests, landscaped gardens, ancient pavilions, buildings, etc.

Bali River Scenic Area – This scenic spot is built around a lake that had formed after a massive flood in the region. It has been converted into an amusement park with a miniature wonderland, zoo, and many rides and recreational activities. The beautiful natural surroundings and greenery add to the site’s appeal as a popular tourist attraction near Fuyang City. The area is a riot of color during the spring and summer seasons when the wildflowers are in full bloom.

Fuyang Ecological Park – This is truly a park dedicated to preserving the awesome existing ecology. The park is a botanical treat where visitors as well as an amusement park. There is a full-fledged vineyard, an apple orchard, a jujube garden, and tropical plants like the Buddha Belly tree, Canary Island date palms, and Asian eucalyptus trees. The charming 9-storied Jiuhe Pagoda is a landmark of the park that is also definitely worth a visit. Other highlights of the park are the Bonsai Garden and the Wuniu Garden where one can spend hours just admiring the greenery and colorful flora that not only provides shade on the walkways but also add a splash of color to the picturesque scenery.

Taihe Global Carnival Amusement Park – This tourist attraction is the most popular one for the locals, domestic tourists, and overseas visitors, especially for families with kids. It is a theme park where people can eat, play, shop, enjoy various kinds of rides, and spend a pleasurable day. It consists of western and Chinese restaurants, top-class supermarkets, shopping malls, and other tourist facilities. At sunset, the people dressed as elves perform a song, dance, and light show for the benefit of tourists.

Other interesting tourist attractions in and around Nanhu Park, Zhangzhuang Park, Wuli Lake Ecological Wetland Park, You's Family Garden, etc.

Getting There

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Fuyang Xiguan Airport

Fuyang is in the Anhui province. Fuyang Xiguan Airport provides air link for the town to other parts of the country. The dominant carriers are Qingdao, Shanghai, China United, China Southern and Tianjin Airlines. They connect to Qingdao, Shanghai, Kunming, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with occasional flights to other parts. The airport is almost 9 km from town square, with taxi taking 20 minutes to get there. Public buses to the airport are also available.

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