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Lu'an Travel Guide

Anhui Province | Population: 1,778,583

Located in the western regions of the Anhui Province of China is a charming city called Lu’an. It is a popular tourist destination in China not only because it has all the modern tourist-related amenities but also because the city is surrounded by some of the most picturesque natural landscapes. The area around Lu’an City consists of tall mountain peaks, lush green dense forests, magnificent waterfalls, lakes, ponds, colorful wildflowers, and more. The ecosystem of the region is so perfect that Lu’an City is often referred to as the “Oxygen city” of Anhui Province.


Dabie Mountains Scenic Area – This region is spread over a vast area encompassing the provinces of Anhui, Hubei, and Henan. The main peaks in the Dabie Mountain Range are the Baima Peak (Baima Jian), Tianhe Peak (Tianhe Jian), and the Duoyun Peak (Duoyun Jian). Of these, the Baima Jian Scenic Area (also known as Baima Peak National Geological Park) is open for sightseeing and the other two are not in order to protect the ecosystem. The geological park consists of many picturesque spots like the Baima Peak, Longjing Gorge, Bieshan Lake, and the Siwang Fortress, besides splendid ancient pine trees.

Tiantangzhai Scenic Area – Also known as the Heavenly Village, this scenic area is a vast virgin forest full of many scenic spots. The natural reserve is centered on the Tiantang Zhai Peak, which is the tallest peak in the Dabie Mountain Range. The highlight of this scenic area is the Feipu Longtan (Plunging Waterfall and Dragon Pool). This attractive spot consists of magnificent peaks, unusual rock formations, dense primeval alpine forests, streams, 100 cascading waterfalls, more than 1,880 species of plants, and 185 species of rare animals. Other scenic spots in this national park include the Nine-Shadow Waterfall, Lover Waterfall, Jade Discharging Waterfall, Lady Waterfall, and Silver Bow Waterfall.

Tourist attractions of cultural and historical value located near Lu’an City are the Bao'en Temple and the Ancient City Wall of Shouxian County.

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