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Ma'anshan Travel Guide

Anhui Province | Population: 741,531

Ma'anshan is a beautiful urban area lying on the southern banks of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The city is located in the Anhui Province of China. Being on the border of two provinces, Anhui and Jiangsu, the city of Ma’anshan enjoys the scenic beauty, prosperity, and delicious cuisine of both the provinces. It is not too far from major cities like Nanjing of Wuhu which are surrounded by some of the most magnificent tourist attractions in China. But on its own merit, Ma’anshan City also has some picturesque scenic areas within a few kilometers radius. The city is believed to be one of the most affluent cities in Anhui aside from the provincial capital of Hefei.


Caishiji Scenic Area – This tourist attraction is located just 5Kms from downtown Ma’anshan. It scenic area and its attractions are mostly at the foothills of the Cuiluo Mountain. There is a museum displaying the classical poetry of Li Bai, a famous poet who lived during the Tang Dynasty reign. The ancient Guangji Temple which was built during the Eastern Han Dynasty era is also a wonderful relic located here. The scenic area provides a spectacular panoramic view of the Yangtze River flowing by. The best day to visit this place is on a Sunday or a national holiday when the chairlift is in operation. Then one can go to the summit of the mountain and click some of the best panoramic shots of the river.

Putang Landscape Zone – This scenic spot lies on the eastern side of Ma’anshan City. It is a forested area lying on the outskirts. The scenic area consists of a dense bamboo forest, ancient alpine trees, crystal clear streams, springs, mini-cascades, etc. that give the place a fairytale kind of appearance. Amidst this greenery are several ancient buildings that seem to blend in well with the ancient look of the forested area.

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