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Nanchong Travel Guide

Sichuan Province | Population: 1,858,875

Located in the Sichuan Province of China is the beautiful city of Nanchong. Being on the middle reaches of the Jialing River, the city is endowed with lush green surroundings. The picturesque scenery combines with modern-day amenities to make Nanchong one of the most interesting tourist destinations of China. The scrumptious Szechuan cuisine adds to the city’s appeal as a tourist hub. The locals are peace-loving and helpful. Yet, they maintain their ethnic customs and traditions which have been going on for generations. After Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, Nanchong is the second most populated city in the region with a well-developed infrastructure and other tourist facilities.


Langzhong Ancient Town – This tourist spot is located near Nanchong City and has several tourist attractions within its perimeter. Langzhong has a cultural history that dates back to 2,300 years. It is well-known as the origin of Feng Shui and the establishment of the Chinese New Year. The ancient town is designed like a chessboard and conforms to the principles of Feng Shui. There are small hillocks dotted all over the town and small rivers meander through its expanse. The Confucian examination system was also established here. The most significant tourist attractions in the town include the Zhang Fei Temple, Ancient Examination Hall, Zhongtian Tower, Huaguang Tower, Confucius Temple (Wenmiao), Tengwang Pavilion, Star Observing Tower, No.1 Scholar Cave, etc.

Yuping Park – This attraction is a typical park meant for families with kids. It consists of many rides for children, a small lake with goldfish, charming bridges, a tower, a museum on a hilltop, a small but charming temple, greenery everywhere, and a pleasant and happy atmosphere.

Mo'ertan Scenic Spot and Wanglong Lake – This tourist attraction near Nanchong City is a hiker’s paradise and has many walkways that pass through dense forests. The scenic area is teeming with wildlife (not predators) and plenty of trees and colorful flowers. The most attractive spots are the Ruquan Mountain, Huofeng Mountain, Linlang Mountain, Fēng Shuǐ Museum, Qingquan Temple, etc.

Getting There

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Nanchong Gaoping Airport

Located in the Sichuan province, Nanchong lies to the northeast with its airport, Nanchong Gaoping Airport, further southeast and 15 kms away. Though it is a small airport, there is another Terminal being constructed to extend capacity. It takes half an hour to arrive at the downtown area, going by Highway 318. Nanchong offers daily flights to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Beijing and Huizhou. China Southern, China Eastern and GX Airlines provide the most routes.

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