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Siguniang Shan

Aba Prefecture, China

One of the most delightful places in the Aba Tibetan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China is Siguniang Shan (Four Sisters Mountain). This tall mountain is part of the Qionglai range. It is divided into four peaks called the Daguniang Feng, Erguniang Feng, Sangungiang Feng, and Yaomei Feng. Spread over these four peaks is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Siguniangshan National Park which has a plethora of temples, pavilions, lakes, waterfalls, and other tourist attractions. It is a wildlife conservation area for giant pandas, pheasants, white-lipped deer, vultures, leopards, partridges, snow leopards, grouse, golden monkeys, etc. The region is so idyllic that tourists come in large numbers to indulge in photography, video shooting, trekking, hiking, climbing, and nature trails.

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