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Wudang Lamasery (Wudang Zhao)

Baotou, China

Located about 70Kms from Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China is the lovely Wudang Lamasery (Wudang Zhao). This Buddhist monastery is the largest and best maintained one in the region. The main structure consists of six halls called Suguqin, Queyiri, Ahui, Dongkuo'er, Dangge Xide, and the Ribenlun Hall. The monastery complex also has three Buddhist living residences and a funeral hall. The main deity here is the Maitreya or Laughing Buddha. Other items worth seeing are the 1,500 Buddhist statues and artistic murals. The highlight among these is the statue of Daweide (God of Death) with 34 arms, 16 feet, and nine heads!

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