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Dege Town and Printing Press

Garze Prefecture, China

Since ancient times the Kingdom of Dege, now called Garze Tibetan Prefecture in Sichuan Province of China has been the seat of printing. The fame of the Dege Town and Printing Press has been preserved well by the Dege Parkhang Sutra-Printing House (Dege Yinjing Yuan). This 18th-century Press is a popular tourist attraction where you can still see traditional methods of woodblock printing in use. Spread over 1,600 square meters the Press has preserved more than 320,000 sutra printing plates and 270,000 printing woodblocks; thus saving most of the scholarly heritage of Tibetan Buddhism. The exhibition hall contains countless relics of printed material like rare edition books, only-existing prints, and blocks for painting and calligraphy.

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