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Baima Temple

Luoyang, China

The Baima Temple (White Horse), in Luoyang, China is a spectacular temple complex spread over 13 hectares. It has beautifully landscaped gardens and pavilions on the outside. It also has superlative examples of Buddhist statues inside, like those of Laughing Buddha, Sakyamuni, Jade Buddha, the arhats, and Gurus like Amitabha and AvalokiteĊ›vara. The stone statues of horses and lions at the entrance also are an awesome sight. In 2008, in collaboration with India, statues of the Sanchi and Sarnath-style (temples in India) Buddhas were also erected. Hence, this attraction has an immense significance architecturally, religiously, and historically.

Baima Temple Baima Temple Baima Temple Baima Temple Baima Temple

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