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Baimang Snow Mountain

Shangri-La, China

Baimang Snow Mountain is also known as the highest mountain range in the province of Yunnan. You can see peaks of various heights, which contributes to an already impressive landscape. The highest peak at 5,640 meters is Zhalaqueni. On your way to the top, you can find lush forests, rare plant species, as well as monkeys with a snubbed nose distinct for this area.

The White Horse Mountain is beautiful to visit in both summer and winter. Many tourists are delighted with the image of snowy peaks, but they are equally thrilled with the abundant plant and animal life in Baimang. This nature reserve is under the protection of the state with some of the species you can find including oaks, redwoods, tianma, rhubarb, as well as brown bears, rabbits, deer, pandas, and golden eagles.

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