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Heng Shan (Hunan)

Changsha, China

Heng Shan is a mountain located just outside Changsha. In fact, Yuelu Mountain is one of its peaks in the north. The total number of peaks is 72 and the mountain spreads on more than 93 miles of land. You can find trees that are more than 1,000 years old in Heng Shan. While enjoying the stunning landscape, you can discover poems inscribed in stone by poets such as Zhuxi, Dufu, and Libai.

Although Taoism was first to be practiced in Heng Shan, Buddhism is equally present today. It was here where Buddhists developed various sects that influenced religious practices in the entire region. Nanyue Temple is among the famous sites to visit in Heng Shan, as well as the Water Curtain Cave, and the Sutra Collection Hall.

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