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Bishu Shanzhuang (Imperial Summer Villa)

Chengde, China

The grand Bishu Shanzhuang, also called the Rehe Imperial Palace is located in the Hebei Province to the northeast of Beijing City. Spread over a vast area of 5,640,000 square meters, this summer resort of the Qing Dynasty emperors has the largest landscaped garden in the world. It also has 120 buildings, temple complexes, 10Kms long walls, and corridors. The resort complex is divided into thematic zones. The Palace Area represents Beijing, Plains Area represents Mongolia, the Eyot Area replicates the Yangtze River region, and the Mountain Area represents the northern regions of China. The most striking relic is the 22-meters tall engraved wooden statue of Avalokitesvara Buddha which has 42 arms.

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