Qingdao Guest House

Qingdao, China

Built in 1905 as the residence of the German Governor, the Qingdao Guest House is situated on the Signal Hill in Qingdao, China. Its architecture is typically like German castles. Due to its location, the house enjoys the most picturesque surroundings and views. It is a majestic four-storied house with 30 rooms, of which 13 rooms are large banquet halls. The interiors of the House are luxurious and reflect the style of European royalty. The ceilings and paneling have intricate embossing. The pendant lamps, wall lamps, and fireplaces are inlaid with jade stones. The furniture reflects the ornate German style while the décor mostly consists of Chinese calligraphy, paintings, and curios belonging to the Qing Dynasty period.

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