Qingyang Temple (Qingyang Gong)

Chengdu, China

Popularly known as the Dao Zang Ji Yao, the Qingyang Temple (Qingyang Gong) is located in Chengdu, China. It is an unexpectedly serene and quite Taoist temple in the midst of the bustling city center. The structures of the present temple are the ones restored during the Qing Dynasty rule. They include the Hunyuan Palace, Sanqing Hall, Eight Trigrams Pavilion, Doulao Hall, and the Wuji Palace. There are many interesting Taoist exhibits at the temple. The Abstract of Collected Taoist Scriptures (wooden engraving) by Dao Zang Ji Yao and Patriarch Lu Dongbin’s stone sculpture are noteworthy among them. There is a teahouse in the premises where you can have snacks and tea and play Mahjong.

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