Sanxingdui Museum

Chengdu, China

The Sanxingdui Museum, situated at the Sanxingdui Excavation site, about 38Kms from Chengdu, China is a world-famous Museum. It has more than 4,000 ancient relics that are well-preserved. They were found when the ruins of the 3000 to 4000 years old capital city of Sanxingdui were excavated. The Museum has several sections. The Relics section is spread over 12 square kilometers and has relics that reflect the ancient Shu culture of the Sichuan region. The Splendor hall showcases the history of ancient Shu people. Their religious, social, and cultural aspects are depicted in the Primitive Faith section. Besides, there are jade artifacts, bronze items, and exquisite gold-plated pottery spread over the 7,000 square meters Three-Star Excavation & Study section.

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