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Muni Valley (Muni Gou)

Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong, China

Covering a vast area of 160 square kilometers, the Muni Valley (Muni Gou) is located within the Huanglong National Scenic Reserve in Sichuan Province, China. Being at a height of 2,800 meters gives it the advantages of beautiful alpine landscapes and thick virgin forests. The bamboo forests are so vast that the valley is considered the best natural breeding ground for the giant pandas and snub-nosed monkeys. Both the creatures are on the endangered list. The 104-meters high Zhaga Waterfall adds to the splendor of the valley while it cascades down in a thunder! Other places of interest are the Swan and Ginseng Lakes, Erdaohai Scenic Spot, and the Xiaobao and Hou Temples.

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