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Shuzheng Waterfall (Shuzheng Pubu)

Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong, China

Between the Tiger and Wolong Lakes in Muni Valley (Munigou Park) the Shuzheng Waterfall (Shuzheng Pubu) cascade down into a picturesque valley. The Park is part of a scenic area in the Sichuan Province, China. The Shuzheng Waterfall is 62 meters wide and has a drop of 15 meters. Although it may not seem very large, it is considered one of the most ferocious and deafening one. The sound, which echoes throughout the valley, is likened to the loudest roar of a tiger or lion. Due to the force of the waterfall, the water in the Tiger Lake below splashes in all directions. Over time, smaller pools have formed in the region adding to the spectacular scenery.

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