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Qio Shue Square (Qio Shue Guangchang)

Nanchang, China

Qio Shue Square (Qio Shue Guangchang or Autumn Water Square) is a 500-meters long crescent-shaped corridor in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China. It is usually teeming with local and overseas visitors because it has rows and rows of shops, fine-dining restaurants, and roadside cafes. People come here to enjoy a break and delicious food after visiting the innumerable tourist attractions nearby like the Red Valley Beach, People’s Square, Tengwang Ge Pavilion, and more. The corridor (street) is also a superb vantage point to see the musical fountain whose water reaches a height of 130 meters. Four-hour night tours are available so that you can explore the entire gamut of attractions.

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