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Happy Valley

Shenzhen, China

Located in the entertainment avenue of Shenzhen, Happy Valley is right next to two other famous attractions; the Window of the World and the Splendid China - Folk Culture Village. It is an amusement park with a vast array of rides, that has been welcoming families and those young at heart from all over the world since 1998.

The timings for the amusement park are from 09:30 in the morning to 21:30 at night and entry after 18:00 is charged at a lower amount. Admission fares for a standard ticket are RMB230; kids with a height between 3.9 – 4.9 feet are required to pay only RMB120 while kids below 3.9 feet go in free when accompanied by an adult. The night ticket has a reduced fare of RMB100. These ticket prices are for admission only and monorail and battery car inside have separate fares as per the times of the year. Since Happy Valley is in such a happening area, public transport is easily accessible. Metro lines 1 and 2 will take visitors to the station of Window of the World and the park is then only a few steps away. Buses are also available plentifully. Though the park is open year-round, spring is probably the best time to go when crowds are low, weather is mild, and all the rides have been made operational. In winters, during off-season, most rides are shut down for maintenance works or due to low demand.

Sitting on an area of about 90 acres of land, there is a lot of walking when inside (wear comfy shoes!). The park consists of 9 zones, each with a unique theme. There is the Sunshine Beach that has relaxing sands and an area for practicing extreme sports within.

Mimicking a forest with animals, the Shangri-La area is a wilderness escape.

For adrenaline junkies, there are opportunities to get your heart racing at the Typhoon Bay.

In the Gold Mine Town, visitors can even make a steel souvenir at the goldsmith’s workshop.
Open for only 5 months a year, Playa Maya Water Park is modeled after the ancient Mayans. It has some exotic dance performance taking place in the evening times.

Happy Times is where you find 4D and games that leave you more than thrilled.

The atmospheric landscape at Mt. Adventure will barely register when you free fall almost 200 feet high!
Cartoon City has a neat little fairy tale house and many movies that kids can spend their time watching.
At the helm is the Spanish Square, the one to greet visitors as they enter Happy Valley with a Mediterranean vibe.

There are a great many rides to be enjoyed in each zone as well as a multitude of performances that are scheduled daily. There are hotels and restaurants on ground with a lot of options, though they are mainly Chinese and not western.

Whether you have children to entertain or just want to enjoy the thrill of roller coasters, this place is worth a visit.

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