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Window of the World

Shenzhen, China

If you want global exposure but don’t have the means for globetrotting, there is a unique solution presented by the Window of the World (WOW), located in Shenzhen. There are 100 + recreations of the famous landmarks from every country and continent that enrich your general knowledge in a fun way and sate your curiosity at the same time. It is an ideal outing for families, friends, couples or even solo adventurers.

Happy Valley is right next door and China Folk Culture Village stands facing it from opposite side of the street; WOW is located in the heart of the entertainment avenue in Shenzhen. It is easy then to catch a ride to the place. Both subway lines 1 and 2 have stops at the WOW station. Many buses, including tourist line 1 and 4 make the journey as well as it is on a busy highway. Admission fare is RMB220 with kids getting a 50% discount if they measure between 3.9 – 4.9 feet. Those kids under 3.9 feet, are free to enter with an adult. Going after 19:30 for the night show will require a ticket worth RMB100. The tiny world will require at least 3 hours or more of your time. Be wary that it gets super full during weekends or public holidays; so maybe plan around those if you loathe being bumped and jostled.

There is a theme underlying the arrangement of the structure and the compound is basically split in to eight sections. These sections are divided according to the 6 inhabited continents counted as 5 (the Americas are clubbed together), a global square, world sculpture park and international street.
The Global Square has 108 columns and 6 gates that lead to the other sections, where a lot more exploring awaits.

The most eye-catchy is perhaps Europe, with the Eiffel Tower looming over the rest, Notre dame and its fine details, Stonehenge with no clue of its origins and the elegant Buckingham Palace.

In America, you will find the US dominating the terrain with most landmarks from New York and the West Coast.

Asia has a lot of nice sites to offer including Mt Fuji, the aesthetically magnificent Taj Mahal and the Merlion from Singapore.

Major attraction at Oceania section is the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

Mysterious Africa is not all jungle and wild, as the Pyramids make an appearance. However, Kenya also gets its fair share of limelight for the Ivory Bridge and the Africa Safari Park.

The World Sculpture Park and International Street are also brimming with fascinating world class attractions.

Besides wandering around and looking at the sights, visitors can partake in fun learning activities like shooting arrows with the red Indians, honing your skiing skills at the indoor ice slope or boarding a cable car to get a bird’s eye view of the forest below.

Try some international fare and before you go, make sure to catch the fireworks display and a laser show that exhibit at the end.

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