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Xiao Yao Gu: The Carefree Valley

Wudang Shan, China

Located in the Wudang Shan Scenic Area in the Hubei Province of China is a spot that is specially modeled for tourists. The Xiao Yao Gu also called the Carefree Valley has a lot to offer visitors. It is considered a prime hiking, trekking, climbing, and camping area. Of course, there are cable cars so that you can admire the forests, rivers, lakes, flora, and fauna without indulging in any strenuous activities. At the docking station, there are teahouses where you can try out their aromatic freshly brewed tea and delicious local snacks. Across the river from the docking station is a simple stage where the locals demonstrate Kungfu martial arts techniques between 10 am and 4 pm.

Other Attractions In Wudang Shan

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