Great Wall of China at Niangzi Guan (Niangzi Pass)

Taiyuan, China

At the meeting point of the Hebei and Shanxi Provinces of China, lies the Great Wall of China at Niangzi Guan (Niangzi Pass). It was constructed during the Ming Dynasty and has the picturesque Mianshan Mountain in the east. The Taohe River flows along the west of the Pass. The Pass was originally called the Weize Pass. It is believed that Princess Ping Yang, Emperor Taizong's sister (Tang Dynasty) commanded a group of female soldiers to guard the Pass. It was renamed Niangzi which means "guarded by women". The Pass is quite steep in many parts so there are handrails for support. The Shuiliandong Waterfall (Water Curtain Cave) and the Niangziguan Village nearby are also fantastic tourist must-sees.

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