New Guangdong Museum

Guangzhou, China

Located in downtown Guangzhou, the New Guangdong Museum covers an area of 67,000 square meters. The five permanent exhibitions are the Chaozhou Gilded Woodcarvings, Duan Inkstones, Natural Resources, Guangdong History and Culture, and the Ceramics Hall. Some of the most renowned exhibits include the Nanyue King’s Oil Painting, Liede Dragon Boat, Cantonese sculptures, calligraphy, Jingdezhen-style ceramics, gemstones, Shek-Wan pottery (local), a multi-tiered ivory food-carrier, and a Maba Man skull of the local people of ancient times. There are also some exhibits showcasing the geological landforms of the region, gems, minerals, wildlife, sea creatures, medicinal herbs, etc. Totally, the Museum has a massive collection of 166,000 ancient artifacts some of which are priceless.

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