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Shigatse, China

Lying on the China-Nepal border is the spectacular Nyalam County, Shigatse Prefecture, in Tibet, China. Being a part of the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve (Mount Everest), it is located at 3,750 meters about sea level and is blessed with a mild climate and spectacular landscapes. Along with Tingri, Kyirong, and Dinggye Counties where the Nature Preserve is spread out, Nyalam is a major tourist destination throughout the year. It is also popular with mountaineers who wish to climb up to the Everest Base Camp and need to get acclimatized first. Other places of interest in the County include the Lhotse Peak to the south of Everest, Zhangmu Port, Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, Milarepa's Cave, and Peikucuo Lake.

Other Attractions In Shigatse
Zhangmu Town

Zhangmu Town in Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet, Chi...

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