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Pelkor Chode Monastery

Shigatse, China

About 100Kms from Shigatse, Tsang Province, Tibet, China is the Pelkor Chode Monastery. The architecture is an unusual blend of Tibetan, Han, and Nepali styles. It is a prominent place of worship even today for the Kadampa, Sakyapa, and Gelugpa Buddhists. The main deity is Sakyamuni, a peaceful form of Buddha. There are countless other Buddhist statues and murals that are worth seeing. Between 15th and 19th April each year the Monastery celebrates the Saka Dawa Festival and the Gyangtse Dhamang Festival. More than 500 Lamas gather together and chant prayers. For tourists, there are enjoyable activities like horse racing, archery, ball games, field races, picnics, singing, and dancing.

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