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Zhangmu Town

Shigatse, China

Zhangmu Town in Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet, China is a major point of political, cultural, and economic exchange between China and Nepal. It is spread over an area of 70 square kilometers of a mountainous region so it is full of gradients and slopes. The houses have been built without disturbing the natural terrain so the streets keep winding around the slopes. The Zhangmu people are very religious and their homes have prayer flags on the flat roofs and Fortune Trees in their small gardens. The top floors of the houses are their living quarters. But the ground floors in most of the houses have quaint little shops selling Indian and Nepali souvenirs, perfumes, children’s toys, sweaters, blankets, stoles, shoes, etc.

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Zhangmu Town

Zhangmu Town in Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet, China…

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