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Rongphu Monastery

Shigatse, China

The Rongphu Monastery is probably blessed with the most dramatically beautiful scenery in the world. Located near Shigatse, Tsang Province, Tibet, it faces multiple peaks like Mount Qomolangma (Everest), Gyachung Kang, and Shishapangma. The main hall of the Monastery has exquisite statues of Sakyamuni and Geru Rinpoche. There are numerous other murals and statues around the temple halls. Between 15th and 19th April each year, the Monastery celebrates the Saka Dawa Festival. There are many interesting activities for tourists like archery, horseracing, field races, ball games, picnics, singing, and dancing. The Monastery is also a base camp for climbers attempting the extreme north face of Mount Everest.

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