Fenghuang Ling Scenic Area (Phoenix Hill Scenic Area)

Beijing, China

With its splendid greenery and awesome panorama, the Fenghuang Ling Scenic Area (Phoenix Hill Scenic Area or Nature Park) is a nature lover's delight. Considered the "lung" of the city of Beijing, it encompasses a vast forest area that has 40 tourist attractions. There are ancient Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian temples. There are scenic waterfalls, caves, peaks, etc. The most famous among the attractions are the Shangfang Temple, Linglong Pagoda, Longquan Temple, Three-Buddha Cave, Immortal's Cave, Xuanyuan Cave, Huangpu Courtyard, the Guandi Temple and the Lvzu Cave, the Jingang Stone Pagoda, and the Stone Buddha Sculptures. This is a favorite area of photographers, naturalists, trekkers, campers, and lovers of Chinese-religious history.

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