Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Shanghai, China

This tall tower’s entire structure is neatly made and rests on three huge columns that start on lush green grassland and gives the appearance of pearls shining on a jade plate. Till 2007 is was the tallest Structure in all of China. The tower has one small sphere at the top end and two large spheres, one located on lower part of the tower and other near the top, and they are given a beautiful pink colored sparkly touch with mirrors and then a bunch of smaller spheres between or alongside them. There is an Antenna on its tip which broadcasts TV channels and radio programs. Even though it is magnificent in the morning yet at night it gets illuminated by dazzling colors of light, giving an ethereal look. Definitely one of the must-see sights of Shanghai.

The towers three spheres are the Space Module, the upper sphere and the lower sphere. Another activity included is the Municipal History Museum at the base of the tower. These attractions are charged, with the ticket for the Museum at RMB35, combo ticket of upper and lower sphere and museum for RMB160 and all three viewing decks and museum costing RMB220. Another combo ticket offered by the administration includes museum, 3 viewing decks and a Huangpu river cruise for RMB260. The tower has a rotating restaurant in the upper sphere that provides panoramic views and those who dine here, the attractions in the building are open, free of charge.

The Space Module (1,148 feet high) is the highest observation deck of the tower with rich views of surrounding Shanghai and Huangpu river. The pearl at the bottom has been designed to look like an advanced space city from the future with entertaining attractions. On the other hand, the big pearl up top houses many shops, restaurants and an observation deck. It is also home to the rotating restaurant whose buffet lunch and dinner have a price tag of around RMB300. 5 smaller pearls at the base of the tower are a single hotel with luxurious accommodation but limited rooms.

The biggest advantage is that it is an all-year rounder which means any season chosen to visit here would be great! Spare at least 2 hours for it and timings are from 08:00 till 21:30. Since it is situated at downtown Shanghai, it is easy to take either the bus or the subway. Lujiazui station at metro line 2 is right across from the site. Many buses and the sightseeing bus will take you there as well.

A great time to go to the tower is between afternoon and evening when the sun is just about to set, and the sky is showing vivid colors with a hint of twinkly lights of the tower hitting the sky line that makes the shades become ombre. Makes it all too beautiful. At night, take the awesome fast cruise and enjoy the marvelous view of the lighted Oriental Pearl tower from on top of the Huangpu river.

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