Sheshan National Tourism Park

Shanghai, China

Sheshan National Tourism Park is an ideal place to be if your desire is to explore the culture and history of China. Situated at southwest Shanghai Songjiang, it has four sites for tourists - East Sheshan Park, West Sheshan Park, Tianmashan Park, and Xiaokunshan Park. The East Sheshan Park boasts of wild animals and plants like sika deer, 100 types of birds, over 1900 types of plants, etc. On the West Sheshan Park, you will find The Church of Our Lady of Sheshan which happens to be the biggest church in the Southeastern part of Asia. Timashan Park is home to Sheshan Mountain which looks like a heavenly horse that wants to fly. Xiaokunshan Park is created on Xiaokunshan Mountain displaying reading stations of Lu Ji and Lu Yun, famous Chinese writers.

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