Shanghai Tower

Shanghai, China

Peer down the clouds if you dare! Featuring the Shanghai Tower that is the most advanced sustainable high sky scraper with a height of 632m and a total of 128 story’s. The tower has two other sister towers too. But this unique structural tower has a 120-degree twist in the middle and we’ll come back to the purpose of the twist later. It has even made record of the world’s largest buildings. It is the second tallest building in the world, after Burj Khalifa, which means the highest hotel in Shanghai that will cover up all the city’s view quite charmingly. It has the world's second fastest elevators. From the top floor deck, you can have a spectacular view of Pudong. At a time, it can accommodate a lot of people. The chic lights in the building at night makes it all too nifty, so make sure to leave some time to come at night too to experience them.

The tower is green (not the color green). As mentioned earlier, the tower has a mysterious twist in the middle; well, it is mainly intended to lessen the wind loads on the building which will allow the construction team to use less structural steel than a non-green design of an equal height. That is because the Shanghai tower is a symbol representing new promise of China to friendly environment. It merges a lot of green features and praised by its design firm as “the greenest super high-rise building on earth.” The second transparent skin has a great aspect that it insulates the building, reducing energy use for heating and cooling.

The tower has nine separate zones that have their own cafes, retail shops and gardens so it will not get too crowded in any of the zones. It is impossible to see the zones of the tower from outside, the reason being that the whole structure is inside a glass case facade. So to get the pictures of the tower from different angles properly, you might want to take the photography sessions from standing on top of another building rather than from right outside the tower.

Entrance price is RMB170 per person. Although it is not much crowded, but you can never be too sure, so just to be on the safe side, it is always smart to book before time. Tickets are available at the ticket office in the Shanghai tower sightseeing hall by a voucher received by your local operator you will get it within 20 hours after the booking is confirmed. So make sure to book in order to get access to the observation deck in time or at all. Free cancellations are allowed to be made 48 hours before the trip.

The opening time is 08:30 and closing time till 21:30 which is the extent of admission no later than that. Take the subway line 2 and exit 6 to reach here. Coming by bus is possible too. Or by car, which is what most visitors prefer.

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